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Jake is 4Neighbors1Camera's main face. He is our star actor and a pretty good athelete. He stars in many of our movies such as "Bad Boys", "In the Midst of Chainsaws" and "How to Ninja".

Mark is the behind the scenes man. He is responsible for this website you are now on. He is the cameraman, editor, director, and acts a little bit.

Ryan. Oh Ryan. Ryan is the little brother of Jake and also acts. He likes the big roles and he takes on hard things. He can act as well as his brother. He is a little hard headed sometimes and hard to work with him, but overall we are glad to have him.

Jake plays small roles in our films because he isn't the best actor. He can't keep a straight face most of them and laughs a lot.

Nikki is the eldest and appears in very few videos. She can play the violin too.

This is Diesel. He is a black lab and he appears in only one video but in many of the videos you can hear him barking.